Below is a collection of my work from over the years. It is open to everyone to view at your leisure.

Eventually, I will have commission prices listed. If you would like to inquire about having a unique piece of art created for personal or business use, please email me at

I take commissions for icon & logo designs, blank sketch books (I put a drawing in a brand new sketch book), character designs, character badges, gallery cels, sketched or painted illustrations, sketched or painted portraits, and model sheets.

I do have the right to refuse a commission. If it entails corporate copyrighted or traded marked character(s) (without permission), pornography, fetish related activities, ect.

Depending on the request, nudes may be requested. Just inquire, and we'll go from there.

If you see a piece in my gallery you would like a print of, I can let you know if a copy is either available, or I have permission to sell a copy.

  Various graphic design work.
  Hand-painted character art on acetate.
  Characters listed in order by name,
  Digitally shaded or colored using software.
  A small press publication. I was featured in issues #41 - 50.
  Hand or digitally inked images.
  For individuals, organizations, buisnesses or personal use.
  Characters for personal projects.
  Black & white or color characters and studies.
  "Your local neighborhood grocery store." Each store has their own store artist.
  Finished images using pencils, ink, markers, or paints.
  Pretty pictures by some talented folks.

For questions and comments, please drop me an email here.

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